Appreciate the poetic ZiYang, chant the hometown of lemon——Long March of Chinese Poetry into ZiYang

摘要: September 20-23, 12 well-known writers and artists worked in Ziyang City, Sichuan Province Anyue County, airport economic zone, high-tech zones and other places folk songs, created a lot of people praise the excellent poetry, painting and music.


From September 20th to 23rd, the Long March of Chinese Poetry Creation Troupe entered Ziyang. Famous poets Ye Yanbin, Liang Ping, Qi Ren, Lu Jian, Zhou Zhanlin, Yang Ni, Shi Yang, famous painters Wu Zhenqi, Xu Dingyi, famous lyrics The 12 famous composers Qiu Shuhong, Wang Fuqiang, and Lian Xiangxian are members of the Standing Committee of the Ziyang Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department Shu Yong, the executive deputy director of the Municipal Party Committee’s Propaganda Department, and the director of the Municipal Party Committee’s External Propaganda Office (City Internet Information Office, Municipal Government News Office) Cui Gang, Accompanied by comrades Wei Hua, chairman of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles, they conducted in-depth investigations in Anyue County, Linkong Economic Zone, High-tech Zone and other places, and created many praised excellent poetry, calligraphy and music works.

On the occasion of the second World Lemon Industry Development Conference, September’s Anyue County in Ziyang also ushered in the lemon harvest season. The lemon garden air after the rain was exceptionally fresh, the plump fruits were moistened by rain and dew, and the bright lemon yellow appeared even more After attending the opening ceremony of the Second World Lemon Industry Development Conference, the famous artists of the collection group visited Baosen Lemon Town in Anyue County to visit the World Lemon Variety Expo Garden, enjoying the fresh and cozy atmosphere of the lemon orchard.

Ye Yanbin, director of the Poetry Committee of the Chinese Writers Association and executive deputy director of the Long March of Chinese Poetry Organizing Committee, believes that the lemon industry in Anyue County is a very promising industry. It not only promotes the increase of local people’s income, but also improves the local ecological environment. Anyue Lemon has also derived many cultures related to food, poetry, and film and television dramas, and has become the most competitive soft power in an industry. The future development of Anyue County is unlimited.

Qiu Shuhong, vice chairman of the Guangdong Writers Association and former chairman of the Zhongshan CPPCC, couldn’t help but sighed in Lemon Town: “It’s shocking. Because my family is also a rural village. If every village is as big as our Anyue industry, then we There is great hope for Chinese agriculture."

The famous artists of the group also visited the City Planning Exhibition Hall, the Linkong Economic Zone and the Yagu Valley of China. The rapid development of Ziyang in recent years and the good prospects of the future economy and society left a deep impression on everyone. Wu Zhenqi, former director of the Exhibition Department of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, said that Ziyang has significant geographical advantages and world-class specialties. He hopes to come here again in many years to witness the development process with his own eyes.

Through the two-day gathering activities, famous artists have emerged and have improvised a large number of literary, calligraphic and musical works chanting Anyue Lemon, Anyue Rock Carvings and Damei Ziyang, such as Qiu Shuhong’s poem "Lemon is My Perfection" Lover, the music "Lemon Dream" by Qiu Shuhong and Lian Xiang's first composition, Wu Zhenqi's poetry and calligraphy "China's Lemon Country", "Reclining Buddha", Lu Jian's poem "Bring a Lemon Home", "In the Cave "The Buddha" and other works express their wonder and love for Anyue Lemon and Anyue Rock Carvings.

The editor-in-chief of the journal "Rongbaozhai" Xu Dingyi created paintings "Good House in Lemon Tree" and "Anyue Golden Autumn Small Scene" in the early morning of the 22nd because of his environment.

Next, there will be more outstanding cultural and artistic works of famous artists that will showcase Ziyang’s humanistic history, development and changes, and lemon culture, showing that the local area is developing well under the guidance of the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle and the integration of Chengdu and capital. The situation and the advantages of opportunity show the new life and beautiful vision of Ziyang people, and contribute to the promotion of Ziyang cultural tourism and future development.

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