The Long March of Chinese Poetry into the "Aizu" and the "" Top Ten Poets Award Ceremony Held in Beijing     2021-01-06
摘要: Qi Ren, the chief planner of The Long March of Chinese Poetry, said that the purpose of Poetry Travel and the pursuit of corporate culture of the beloved race can be described as the same goal. He hopes that both parties will work together to restore production and life for the masses under the current normal situation of anti-epidemic. Poetic and physical and spiritual motivation for physical and mental health.


On January 3, the poets, calligraphers, and recitation artists of The Long March of Chinese Poetry Troupe visited Aizu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. located in Fengtai Headquarters Base in Beijing, and held discussions on poetry and life, love and health. activity. Famous General Poet and Calligrapher Major General Qi Rongxiang, Political Commissar of the Logistics Equipment Department of the Naval Air Force, Famous Poet, Calligrapher, and Professor of Communication University of China Lu Jian, Deputy Secretary-General of China Poetry Wanlixing, Editor-in-Chief of The Long March of Chinese Poetry Net Zhou Zhanlin, Famous Poet, Chinese Literary and Artist Magazine The president of the club Mongolia Yue, the famous poet, writer, and deputy editor of "People's Literature" Yang Haidi, the famous poet, the deputy chief programmer of "The Great Poetry" Lilong, the young poet, Ma Wenxiu, the director of the editorial department of China Poetry, poet, Chinese poetry Sangji Gege, deputy secretary-general of the society, Zhang Binbin, poet and contemporary artist, Huang Changjiang, poet and editor-in-chief of "Art Today", poets and reciters in meditation, Zhang Huanzhong, Xiao Wenhui, etc. attended the event. The gathering forum was organized by The Long March of Chinese Poetry Organizing Committee Chief Planning and Secretary-General Qi Ren presided over.

Aizu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production and marketing of edible fungi products. The company has a large number of domestic microbiological research experts, and perfectly integrates the ancient recipes of the Yi nationality with 624 years of inheritance with modern technology, and strives to create good products with the same medicine and food. At the same time, the company has its own production base and GMP production workshop. In order to meet the domestic consumers' desire for health, it has developed a series of health drinks and set up distribution locations in various cities in the country. We believe that 200 million people in China will enjoy Aizu products and follow the "One Belt One Road" national strategy to sell to 64 countries and regions along the route. At present, we have reached strategic cooperation intentions with merchants from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

In the gathering activities, Qi Lianwen, chairman of Aizu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., introduced the entrepreneurial intention of Aizu's corporate culture to the poets and artists. Qi Lianwen said that the Aizu brand adheres to the business philosophy of "goodness is like the waters of the people in the world, self-improvement and love for the country and China" as the business philosophy, and "the Aizu company is committed to protecting the ecological environment, making Cordyceps products no longer rare, and letting Aizu products go. Enter thousands of households, make consumers "no disease, less disease, late disease"" as the corporate purpose, with the corporate vision of "striving to increase the average life expectancy of human beings to over 90", and strive to become the pioneer of China's big health industry as soon as possible And the leader. Aizu Technology Co., Ltd. has successively won honors such as "Excellent Health (Medical) Poverty Alleviation Unit", "Most Consumer Trusted Health Brand", and "Food Safety Demonstration Enterprise". Reciter Zhang Huanzhong read the "Love for the Family" written by Chairman Qi Lianwen on the spot, pushing the gathering forum to a climax.

Qi Ren, chief planner and secretary-general of The Long March of Chinese Poetry, stated at the forum that since the launch of The Long March of Chinese Poetry 17 years ago, it has always adhered to the mode of public welfare cultural dissemination and advocated a poetic life philosophy. The purpose of poetry is that of loving family and health. The pursuit of corporate culture can be described as the same goal by different paths. I hope that The Long March of Chinese Poetry and Aizu Biotechnology will work together to restore production and life for the general public under the current normal situation of anti-epidemic, and create material and spiritual motivation for poetry and physical and mental health.

In the Poetry Traveling and Collecting Activities of the Day, the award ceremony of China's top ten poets of the year was also held. 10 people including Lu Jian, Zhang Kuang, Luoluo, Ma Xing, Shi Hao, Zhao Yadong, Yuan Dongying, Wang Yueqiang, Long Ming, and Guo Dongchao made the list. The famous general poet and calligrapher Major General Qi Rongxiang and Chairman Qi Lianwen of the "Love Race" respectively issued honorary certificates and prizes to the poets who won the title of Top Ten Poets, such as Lu Jian.

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