QIN Feng丨Between Snowy Mountains and Marshland (a series of poems)

Tr by ZHANG Qiong     2022-05-06
摘要: QIN Feng, real name PU Jianxiong, male, Doctor of Literature.Member of Chinese Poetry Society, member of Sichuan Writers Association.


■ The Dadu River’s Bullet Holes in May


The River in May climbs the snow-capped mountains and crosses the marshland as usual

To live is to wade through one’s own death again


Suffering has never thawed; the plateau and I are melting

Into water and part of the passage


Every whirlpool is May falling in the water

The bloody torrent crashes headlong into the bank


The water goes ashore and stands fast as a stone

Putting up the fallen May a monument


The stone holds all the lost bodies and names

Giving suffering and death a standing position higher above the world


The Dadu River bleeds in May

The waves covered the cry of plateau west of Sichuan


I'm another dawn and myself

Being shotted out from the bullet hole in May



■ Luding Bridge Carrying Tomorrow Ashore


A bridge cannot hold itself

A river cannot keep itself


Who reached the other side before the wire of time

The other side is the muzzle and bullet of this side


The flowing water is the bullet of Luding Bridge

Hitting the original oath with the last site


Every wounded city has an empty face

Time finally lost its pain on the deserted road


Like the river at your feet

Constantly forgets, and constantly leaves itself


The initial enemy is a group of surging self

The last self is the iron bridge full of holes


People who reach the other side

All step over their own heads



■ Hongyuan, Grazing Stars


Here the plateau and the clouds graze themselves into cattle and sheep

Here the grass and stars graze themselves into a sea of flowers


Here, the snowy mountains and June herd themselves into rivers

Here, graze yourself: the inner water plant and Wolf


"The aura of the Savior is a thousand grains of sorrow,

Here, my tears cannot reach you."


The chant of the boundless wind flower is purple

What light, the free red of the vast plateau


Flowers are straw hats worn every morning

Foretold, the burning head and the world


I know, I am the grass in the plateau

The flesh of the plateau grows only spring breeze and wildfire


I just took a step forward into the night

All around the starlight was the sound of dawn knocking on doors



■ Tibetan Village on the Steep


So steep

One danger to ward off more dangers


The hanging stone puts rivers and mountains

Snow, clouds, and sunlight together


Higher than the human world of Tibetan villages on the plateau

The stone Becomes a kind of defense and resist


Too much migration and homeless

It understands that suffering is the master of existence


It takes in everything that happens to it

Good and evil, life and death


Those who keep the plateau will eventually become the plateau

Far above the world and themselves


To be a sun, to grow upon the head

Like a glacier, standing or melting with the sun



■ Grand Tibetan Temple, the Gift of Mountains and Rivers


There is a way to leave alone

The highlands and valleys become a retreat


The higher the plateau rises, the lower the sky drops

In the world, every step of desire is a deep suffering


Some souls kneel to the flesh

Some fates kneel down to suffering


Some skies kneel to the earth

Some tears kneel down to themselves


A joss stick sticks itself in the ashes

Standing alone for the things that kneel


The bending light is the inner bell

The up-looking head is the cloud of the mountain


I'm not in the world, but beyond the white clouds

Self-grazing on the plateau 

About the author:

QIN Feng, real name PU Jianxiong, male, Doctor of Literature.Member of Chinese Poetry Society, member of Sichuan Writers Association. He has won the first Global Chinese Poetry Prize, the first Tianfu Literature Prize, the Great Wall Literature Prize, the SU Dongpo Literature Prize, and the ten Best anti-epidemic poetry prizes in China. His literary works have published on literature journals and albums home and abroad. He is the author the poetry anthology Stepping on the Horizon.




ZHANG Qiong, Associate Professor of School of Foreign Languages of Zhaoqing University,senior member of Translators Association of China, President of Translators Association of Zhaoqing.

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