Lingyan Singing丨The Dream Is a Long Slope(ten poems)

Lingyan Singing     2020-05-27
摘要: Lingyan singing aloud is a free singer who came out of Lin huiyin's hometown and has the same aesthetic complex as Lin huiyin.


The Dream Is a Long Slope


My hope is on the slope

However steep it is

I will climb up

Like a wall lizard

No way! I don’t have a sucker

I’m almost atop the hill

But “whoosh!” fall onto the ground

Somehow I find

I’m still cuddling

In the childhood cradle

All of a sudden, I hear someone come in

Hum that familiar children’s song

And knock at the round moon





I was a stubborn stone under a cliff

Calm and lonely

Only because three hundred years ago

An occasional look of your glancing-back eyes

Gave me inspiration

Since sometime I don’t know

I’ve quietly started to hallucinate

Into a piece of jade

From then on, I’ve been waiting crazily

For you to come back

And figure out the predestiny

I would be one stone

That’s always close to you





I’m sick; I have a bad fever

Printing another self with 3D

At the cold crossroads

Separated, one remains the same

Turns into a willow

Standing on the lakeside in the north

Accustomed to thin clouds, light winds

Drums beat at dawn, and bell chime at night

The other has hollowed out old days

Changed into green wind

That blows over mountains, waters

Through sound and fury


I’ve landed on the riverbank of my hometown

Carving nostalgia on the hard granite



Peach Blossoms


People always stick banners to your face

A beau Ximen couldn’t have dated his mistress Pan without you

In fact, most of the time you’re lonely

On mountainsides or riversides, in the wilderness

You are in bloom quietly. What about the viewer’s face?

The one who admires you most is already far out of sight

Things have changed, while you are silent


The spring breeze blows now and then

Its flagrance floating over and over again

With teardrops on the blossom’s face, dry and wet

Helpless, you jump down and embrace the land

Now there comes a Miss Lin

Who carefully buries you

You’ve been inhabiting her dream ever since


Somehow, you’ve been talking about it

You never forget that vague face:

One day a man named Yang Longyou

With the blood of a female martyr’s forehead

Re-presented you with his artistic device

From then on, you’ve become more beautiful

The man you’ve been waiting for comes at last

On his warm chest, you can wash the past grudge



A Rendezvous by the Lake


The subway of spring penetrates the frozen wasteland

The green grass snuggles up to the lakeside

O Lakeside, lakeside! By the beautiful lakeside!

Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey had romantic rebellions


Does the subway of spring cross the Gobi desert?

Seeking a castle of freedom in desolation

The wetlands, the oases, the towering sky roads

See many parties for Hu Shi, Ba Jin and Xu Zhimo to attend


The subway of spring transcends the estrangement of time and space

A rendezvous by the lake leaves the flesh to the cage

Allowing the souls to carry our eyes and fly

As long as spring is in your eyes

The willow flutters in my heart



Her Eyes


Her eyes

Are the stream across the forest

Flowing out, clean and clear

And there are clouds floating out

I want to follow the water

To explore

The secrets hidden in the depths of the jungle

If possible

I’ll bring back the satisfying answer

And put a violet at the crossroads



My World is the Transcendence of Reality


My world is the transcendence of reality

Where you can go back to childhood games

Let the twisted twist

Let the collided collide

Water’s turned into fire

Illuminating the way forward

Thus the soul is resurrected



The Qingming Festival


Scattered showers are stopped by willow branches

I weave my thoughts into the twigs and leaves

And put away those tears together


The sorrow along the path is stirred up by the mud

Buried under countless footprints

Verdant grass growing wildly


Under the magnolia tree, grandma shows peace on her face

Grandma! I put in a bunch of little, yellow flowers

When the sun comes out, the shepherd boy sings loudly



My Train pf Thought Greens Ten Miles of the Lakeside


Unconsciously, a gust of wind passing by

Plunders my thoughts all the way

Riding thunder and lightning to invade the city

The lakeside has a yellow beard

The lake is clothed in green

A figure is alone on the long dike

Looking up at ten thousand mu of wetland

The sun sets in the west sky, the lane is tranquil

A voice is calling:

Come back, please!

My train of thoughts greens ten miles the lakeside



Lake on One Side, City on the Other


Lake on one side, city on the other

Along this road one sees the footsteps of spring

With it in sight, views change all the way

So hazy, yet so considerate

This road leads me, and

I’m happy to tread it every day

Maybe I’ll go farther and farther


Dream on one side, life on the other

Sitting in your car to seek the wind

I’ve become the wind itself

By the lake, willow branches sway gently

Ask the haughty bushes standing tall and upright

“Is the lotus in the lake showing its pointed bud again?”

Lights of the night market across the bridge stay bus


Author's brief introduction

Modern poet lingyan singing (Chen yong) ancestral home fuzhou, Chinese poetry society member, the founder of the original alliance of Chinese aesthetic poetry, the former Chinese poetry society Chinese poetry network center deputy director, the former Chinese poetry website chief, the director of aesthetic poetry firefox BBS. Lingyan singing aloud is a free singer who came out of Lin huiyin's hometown and has the same aesthetic complex as Lin huiyin.

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