Xiu Shi丨Two Praying Christians Equal a Church(three poems)

Tr.by Yanwing Leung     2020-06-02
摘要: Xiushi, President of Hong Kong Poetry Association. His poem collections are Jieshi School and Lonely as a Cat.


Two Praying Christians Equal a Church

Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. –Mathew 18:19

Above the balcony tonight there are no stars glittering in the clouds still in my heart

there is
a rose church. At the time the bells are silent the light from the glass windows has

gone dark
In this dim twisted place where birds come back to nest I cannot fall asleep
A light wind blows. Leaves of the arum lily on the balcony wait for the dew drops to

in the long dark night. I know you are praying at this moment

Two praying Christians equal a church. I need a
starry coordinate, a scroll of sermons, and the you who are not by my side
to pray with me at this very moment—
Many a house awaits the shaft of sunlight bouncing off the wooden floor
Squares of orange colors resemble the blueprints of dreams


The river evanesces into the distance with white clouds in tow
The sky shrugs off all its burdens now
That fellow grows as if into a bouquet of withered twigs
And the fallen leaves of autumn
now grows all over me

Chaotic shadows of her
Seasonal messages, winding down where she is
She stays quiet and I begin to get
a vapid taste of the city
She is the distance, I can only wander in exile

A Portrait


A woman in this muddled world, quiet and sedate like a portrait
All my poems fall short of eulogizing her
Ignore cursory clichés like a quiet orchid and a swan 
She lives outside the realm of all adjectives

She owns a secret hideout, where seasons remain constant
Flowers unknown to humans bloom there
The air fresh as spring water running down a deep gorge, the water clear as
a shower of winter sunlight sieved through the leaves

I live a quiet life for one such woman
Please no one curry favor from no one argue with no one
She’s the best, impeccable even in sleep
For her breath reminds me that I am breathing as well


Xiushi, President of Hong Kong Poetry Association. His poem collections are Jieshi School and Lonely as a Cat, commentary collections are Debate for Poetry and Drawing Dragons for Deer etc. And compiled Yoyo Lu Ming - My 108 Friends' Excellent Poetry Dictionary, Selected Versions of Poetry Wind over Songtao and Mailang --- Selection of Love Poems in Taiwan and Hong Kong etc.

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