Liu Juxing丨Twilight(five poems)

Liu Juxing     2020-06-04
摘要: Member of Hebei CPPCC. Shijiazhuang City Federation of Cultural and Social Sciences second-level investigator..Has published more than 300 poems.




I caught her shyness when she hide her face in the clouds

I show my head up when l'm struck by the thunders

We are not exposed by what I tried to show and what she tried to hide

She can light up the world and I can stand up to the sky


(translated by Qiujie Zhang from Hebei Foreign Studies University)



Appreciation of the Lake


Confronting with the sky

It's called the balance of power

Master, please slow down

Turn your opponent upside down, head down

No matter how powerful it is, it will turn into nothing


If you make a peace

You have to bow first

Build an arch bridge

Make up the other half of the circle

It seems that sincerity is better


I dare not stop by the lake

I can't fight myself

He plagiarized me

But let go of the world

Empty and unreal

A gust of wind can wrinkle

Or floating

(translated by Na Ren from Hebei Foreign Studies University)



The Persimmon is ripe


Information passing slowly in the mountains

Pass a word and the tree will drop a leaf

When the leaves fall out

It's winter

Persimmons are still waiting on the trees

A date seems warm and abrupt

If I don't show up, the story still ends

But the mature news will be rotten in the heart

Come here

I dare not look at the eyes on the branch

Afraid someone would recognize me

This heartless man


(translated by Na Ren from Hebei Foreign Studies University)



Toward the Distant Mountain


Two thirds of thy colors eliminated

With thy left fresh green, the left color of red contrasted

Not much I want, only a little is needed

And slimmer the wind should be converted

So it can go through ripples that are much tinier

I may forget this scene any time, with my eyes on the water

Can’t find a more exact word, to give my time that will disappear

I can only flourish and perish before birds begin to twitter


(translated by Yanping Qin from Hebei Foreign Studies University)



Stone speaker


Two men walked out of a stone

Still receiving the repair and mending of the carving knife of the years

Unfinished sculpture

Not all redundancies that do not belong to oneself have been eliminated

Having agreed to meet in the world

Life has selected distinct squares for each of us

has chosen our own squares for us

Looking at each other while leaning against the other’s back

The large round earth extends in an arc and directs the opposite direction

Truth and fallacy are the Sun or the Moon occasionally
Thus the leftover bits and pieces of love are turned into capriciousness and paranoia

Perhaps it is the spell of falling into lies

Our faces will be only wrinkles with one more blow  


(translated by Yunli Wang from Hebei Foreign Studies University)


Liu Juxing is from Jinzhou City, Hebei Province. He used the pseudonyms Han Xingzi, Cocoa, Beichen, etc. to publish poetry in newspapers such as Poetry, Stars, Poetry God, Poetry Tide, Hunan Literature, Taihang Literature, Shijiazhuang Daily More than 300 works have been published so far, and he has authored several poems such as "April Pear Blossom Fragrance", and the editor-in-chief of "Chinese Poetry Stars", "Chinese New Star Poet Selections" and other poems. Yu has won more than 30 professional awards including the Shijiazhuang Regional Literary Promotion Award and the Jinzhou Literary Prosperity Award. The main sponsor of the "New Star Cup" National Poetry Grand Prix event. He is now a member of the Chinese Poetry Society, a member of the Hebei Writers Association, a vice president of the Hebei Provincial Journalism Society, and a deputy secretary-general of the Hebei Provincial Prose Literature Association. He was once awarded the "Top Ten Outstanding Youths" and "Cross-Century Youth Tops" by the Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee and Municipal Government "Talent", "Ten Best Non-Party Leaders" and other honorary titles. He is a member of Hebei CPPCC. Shijiazhuang City Federation of Cultural and Social Sciences second-level investigator.

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