Yang Chao丨Southern town

Yang Chao     2020-06-30
摘要: Yang Chao, Beijing Poets Society president, "Beijing Poet" publications adviser.


Southern town 


A boat

Weave a dream

Wake up

That yesterday's sunset


Town will always be retained

Vicissitudes of history


pier in silence


Picked up countless memories

Pushed open the door

All emotions

Are melted in the ancient incense scents


Do not need to think

When the town was founded

Who built the bridge

and the water

Where it comes from


Just think


Looking that boatman

Glow with youthful vigor

Dressed in old clothes


Yang Chao, female, online name Chaoge, poet, travel expert, photographer, calligrapher, native of Qingxu, Shanxi Province, graduated from the writer class of Lu Xun Literature College in 1998, now lives in Beijing and works in the municipal government. Poetry walks more than 50 countries, published poem collection "Love Heart Road" "Red Wine Drunk Goblet", some poems have been translated into English, Japanese, French, Arabic, etc., and published in foreign newspapers.Member of Chinese Poetry Society, member of Chinese Women Photographers Association.Beijing Poets Society president, "Beijing Poet" publications adviser.

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