Groundbreaking of NingHouse Art Center——The Long March of Chinese Poetry Creation Base Settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand

摘要: This is the second overseas base established after the Vietnam base. The base covers an area of about 3,000 square meters and is expected to formally launch international exchange activities such as poetry, calligraphy, painting, music and art in 2021.


On May 22, 2020, with the groundbreaking of the NingHouse Art Residency Center in Chiang Mai,  The Long March of Chinese Poetry Creation Base was officially settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Since the beginning of the 2013 plan to enter the 100 countries and regions of the “Belt and Road”, The Long March of Chinese Poetry has gone to Asia, Africa and Europe, and has successively entered the UK, Romania, France, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Vietnam, Fiji, More than 10 countries including Laos, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India promote Chinese culture, build a bridge of peace and friendship, promote the exchange and interaction of poets and artists from all over the world, and become the most influential Chinese poetry activity brand in the world.


The Long March of Chinese Poetry "Thailand·Chiang Mai" Creative Base is the second base established abroad after the launch of the "Belt and Road" project plan, following the listing of the Vietnamese Creative Base. In the future, Thailand will be the center and actively promote ASEAN Cultural and artistic exchanges between countries. Qi Ren, Secretary-General of the Long March of Chinese Poetry Organizing Committee, Guo Ning, Director of the NingHouse Art Resident Center, Artistic Director, and musician Xiao Han attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

The NingHouse Art Residency Center is located on the side of the Royal Park Rajapruek in Hangdong District, Chiang Mai, Thailand. At the foot of Suthep Mountain, it covers an area of about 3,000 square meters. It is planned to be designed as two two-storey villas of about 500 square meters. Building, and a swimming pool are currently under construction, and is expected to be built by the end of this year to meet various art exhibitions, art seminars, event gatherings, poets, writers, musicians, paintings and calligraphy from different countries and regions of the world The creative residence center of home and various artists.


The NingHouse Art Residency Center is surrounded by flowers and forests. The entire space environment is primitive and simple, natural and quiet. In the middle of it, it is in the middle of the birds and flowers. Unconsciously, it enters the silence and meditation... The center is less than 10 minutes away from the old city of Chiang Mai It is adjacent to the Village Resort and Japan Net Black Tea Restaurant. There are also famous scenic spots like Chiang Mai, such as Lai Kang Buddha Temple, Grand Canyon and Shuanglong Temple nearby.


The Long March of Chinese Poetry Chiang Mai Thailand Creative Base is the first poetry brand with world influence to enter the NingHouse Art Residence Center. It is expected to formally launch poems, calligraphy, painting, music and other international exchange activities in 2021. NingHouse will also provide a poetic habitation place for all those who love culture and art.

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