Ji Hong丨The wind blows(The other one)

Ji Hong     2022-12-21
摘要: Qi Kaihong, whose pseudonym is Jihong. Yi nationality. Member of Chinese Writers Association.

The wind blows




I believe it's the wind

The wind blows the hard stones

into fine sand

Sand stays on the shore

In solid form

Whispers with the river


I believe it's the wind

Every river course

It's all shaped by the wind


Facing Jinsha River

I know there is a mysterious power

Like destruction, like mothering, like love

Stands by you

But it can't be seen



Ganluo Ancient Road


Let sorrow of parting to rise all the way up

Parallel to the clouds in the sky

Let mountain wind to hit rocks

Imitate neigh of a running horse

Let licentious songs of the herdsmans

Ripen the flowers that desire to bloom

Let valiant knighs to use his spear

Make a hole in the sky


Walk along the ancient Ganluo Lingguan Road

I let myself to use the wind as my horse

Make a long shout when galloping

Shake down all the clouds in the sky





Qi Kaihong, whose pseudonym is Jihong. Yi nationality. Member of Chinese Writers Association, Vice Chairman of Liangshan Writers Association, Executive Editor of 《Huili Literature and Art》. His works have been included in more than 100 well-known anthologies, such as "Star Poetry Journal Essence", "1987 National Poetry Newspaper Collection", and "Youth Poetry Selection". He published poetry anthology 《Along a River》, 《Selected Poems of Jihong》 (won the Sichuan Minority Literary Works Award), 《Shadow of the Earth》, 《Nidierku Huili》, 《Sun of the Baltic Sea》, 《Half Mountain Village and Half Landscape》, prose anthology 《Moxiang Huili》, etc. The fourth student of the senior seminar for young and middle-aged writers of Lu Xun College of Arts and Literature, participated in the Chinese writers delegation's visit to the three Baltic countries in 2011.

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