Awarding Ceremony of the First International Bilingual Poetry Prize Was Held in Taicang

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摘要: Awarding Ceremony of the First International Bilingual Poetry Prize Was Held in Taicang From March 9th to 11th, 2023, “The Long March of Poetry” walked into Taicang, Jiangsu province and held an awarding ceremony of the First International Bilingual Poetry Prize. This is the 137th station of 28 provinces and cities, and 88 regions in the past 19 years since the project was launched in 2004. It is also the second time to walk into Taicang city. The previous 100th station of project issued the awarding ceremony for the Centennial Contribution of Chinese New Poetry, presenting “Century New Poetry Contribution Award” to He Jingzhi, Zheng Min, Tu An, Li Ying, Yu Guangzhong and other respected old poets.


Awarding Ceremony of the First International Bilingual Poetry Prize Was Held in Taicang 


From March 9th to 11th, 2023, The Long March of Poetry” walked into Taicang, Jiangsu province and held an awarding ceremony of the First International Bilingual Poetry Prize. This is the 137th station of 28 provinces and cities, and 88 regions in the past 19 years since the project was launched in 2004. It is also the second time to walk into Taicang city. The previous 100th station of project issued the awarding ceremony for the Centennial Contribution of Chinese New Poetry, presenting “Century New Poetry Contribution Award” to He Jingzhi, Zheng Min, Tu An, Li Ying, Yu Guangzhong and other respected old poets. 

As a brand of Chinese poetry with international influence, “The Long March of Poetry can be described as a long march of poets and poetry, which not only traveled across the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, but also traveled from home to abroad, even to the world.

The Long March of Poetry was launched in 2013 to engage with 100 countries along “the Belt and Road Initiative”. In the past ten years, it has become an internationally influential poetry project by entering more than ten countries and regions, such as the United Kingdom, France, Romania, South Africa, Fiji, Zimbabwe, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka and India. In order to expand its reach and increase accessibility, an international bilingual website ( sponsored by “The Long March of Poetry was also established and officially launched on line on February 21, 2020.

Our bilingual website is a cultural and artistic platform to connect with the world and to face the world. The website publishes works of poetrycultural and artistic information in two languages (Chinese and another world language) simultaneously. Its homepage is composed of Chinese and foreign language versions. At the top of the homepage, the bilingual version can be changed quickly, so that poets from all over the world can cross the space and language barriers. If they are in any area of the world with the Internet, they can quickly log on and browse the “International Bilingual Network”-- a perfect bridge for poets and artists from all over the world to enhance understanding and to establish creative cooperation. Now the website has published bilingual versions of poetry works of poets and artists in Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Romanian, Vietnamese, Bengali and other languages, which make up an eclectic tapestry of world poetry.

Taicang city of Jiangsu province is the intersection point of “the Maritime Silk Road and the Land Silk Road”. Zheng He once took Liujia Port of Taicang as the starting place to raise an anchor and the anchorage place for his return voyage. His seven voyages to the western ocean opened the curtain of the world's great sailing era. Taicang also became the bridge connecting China and the world in ancient times. Up to now, Taicang has scattered many cultural treasures of “the Maritime Silk Road” in all ages.

At 10 a.m. on March 10, the organizing committee of “The Long March of Poetry” and the Writers Association of Taicang city, Jiangsu province jointly held the awarding ceremony of the First International Bilingual Poetry Prize. In the conference hall of Taicang Loudong Hotel, several prizes were awarded to the award-winning poets and translator. Poets Ye Yanbin, Qi Ren, Lu Jian, Gong Xuan, Li Li, Zhou Zhanlin and other judges presented “The First Bilingual Poetry Prize for Achievements in Creative Writing” to poets Richard Berengarten (UK) and Yan Guan, the First Bilingual Poetry Prize for Translation Achievement” to poet and translator Hai An, and “the First International Bilingual Poetry Prize for Poets of the Year” to Liu Changrong, Li Menglun, Le Qi, Bing Jie, Kang Huaping, Ji Hong, Xu Chunbo and Подарева Анастасия Юрьевна, (Russia). The award-wining representatives Hai An, Liu Changrong, Li Menglun and Le Qi read their poems at the awarding ceremony.

Poets and writers from the Taicang City, such as Zhang Qing, Li Li, Lu Jingbo, Duanmu Xiangyu, Gu Liqin, Gong Jinming, Zhang Yongqing, Song Zuyin, Wang Zhuoya, Zhu Naiyan, Sun Yufeng, Liu Guihong, Zhou Ling, Zhou Yongling and Zhou  XiaoYan attended the awarding ceremony, reading poems of their own and exchanging their personal opinions with the poets delegation of The Long March of Poetry.  

The winners of the First International Bilingual Poetry Prize are listed below:  


The First International Bilingual Poetry Prize-List of Winners


The First International Bilingual Poetry Prize for Achievements in Creative Writing 2 winners 

1.Richard BerengartenUK


BiosRichard Berengartena famous British poet who teaches at Downing College, University of Cambridge and has published more than 30 books. He initiated and presided over the Cambridge International Poetry Festival in 1975. He was the coordinator of the first Xu Zhimo International Poetry Festival in 2015. He was invited to China for many times to attend the International Poetry Festival after being recommended by the “Poetry Goes Thousands of Miles in China. 

Representative worksThe Wine Cup -- Twenty-four Drinking Songs for Tao Yuanming,excerpts in English and Chinese

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2. Yan GuanChina


Bios: Yan Guan, poet, connoisseur and collector of cultural relics, serves as Deputy secretary-general of the management committee, the Social Cultural Relics Protection Special Fund of the China Cultural Relics Protection Foundation, Chairman of the Art Appraisal Committee of the China Culture and art talent management center, chairman of Shenyang Imperial Treasure Cultural Art Co., Ltd., Chairman of the Eurasian Collectors Union. He has published his personal collections of Instinct and Selected Poems of Yan Guan. 

Representative worksNight-Shinning WhiteEnglish and Chinese version 

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The First International Bilingual Poetry Prize for Translation Achievement (1 winner)

Hai AnChina


Bios: Hai An, pseudonym for Dingjun LI, serves as Chinese scholarly-poet and translator in China-Australia Creative Writing Center and Literary Translation and Studies Center, as well as Associate Professor of English at College of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Fudan. As the winner of STA Translation Achievements Award issued by Shanghai Translator Association in 2016, he has published more than ten books of poetry as the author, translator and editor, such as Selected Poems by Hai An (2001), Selected Short Poems by Hai An (Hong Kong, 2003), Elegy: Hai An’s First Therapeutic Long Poem (2012, Taiwan), A Butterfly & A Dragonfly (Europe, 2020), The Lost Craft (Australia, 2020); Collected Poems of Samuel Beckett (co-translated, 2016); Dylan Thomas: A Critical Reader (2021), Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas (2021), A Centennial Collected Papers on Sino-Occidental Poetry Translation (2007), The Frontier Tide: Contemporary Chinese Poetry (Europe/Qinghai, 2009), Homings and Departure: Selected Poems from Contemporary China and Australia (co-edited, 2018). He was invited to attended several international poetry festivals, including the 15th International Poetry Festival in Rosario, Argentina (2007), the 48th International Poetry Evening in Struga, Macedonia (2009), the International Poetry Festival at Qinghai Lake, China (2009, 2019, 2021), the International Poetry Festival of Mihai Eminescu in Craiova, Romania (2014) and China-Australia Creative Writing Workshops at Fudan and Curtin University (2016-2019). 

Representative worksTranslation and Dissemination: Chinese New Poetry in the English World 

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The First International Bilingual Poetry Prize for Poets of the Year (8 winners)


1.Yue QiChina


Bios: Poet Yueqi is a member of Jiangsu Writers Association. She has been engaged in poetry and prose creation for a long time and participated in the planning of literary and artistic activities. Her works have been published in Poetry Magazine, Writers, Shanghai Literature, Yangzi River Poetry Journal, Poetry Monthly, Haiyan, Suzhou Magazine, Shanghai Writers, Shanghai Poets, Qingdao Literature, etc. 

Representative worksPoems of Yue QiEnglish and Chinese version 

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2.Liu ChangrongChina


BiosLiu changrong, pen name Fuxing River, a native of Tongnan County, Chongqing City, is a member of the Chongqing Writers’ Association. He has published more than 300 works in more than 50 newspapers and periodicals, including Peoples Daily, Sichuan Daily and Chongqing Daily. He is the author of poetry collection titled True Quality Peoples Daily Press. 

Representative worksYour Sacred NameEnglish and Chinese version 

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3.Li MenglunChina


BiosLi Menglun, a native of Ledong, Hainan province, was born in 1974. As the member of China Writers Association, Chairman of Hainan Poetry Association and Council Member of Hainan Writers Association, he has published his poems in different journals such as Poetry Magazine, People's Literature, Tianya, Shelin, etc. He has published his personal collections including Qinghuangji, Pupils Entering the Century, Genesis, Where Everything Sleeps, Boiling the Sea, Solar Wind, and a novel, Gate of the Sun. His poems were translated and published overseas in English, Korean and Vietnamese. 

Representative worksWenlan RiverEnglish and Chinese version 

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4.Kang HuapingChina


Bios: Kang Huaping, Doctor of Management, Postdoctoral candidate in Economics, was born in Sichuan in the early 1970s. He has published his personal poetry collections such as Return and Departure, Prayer of Spirit, Mountains and Rivers in Sight, Splendor in Spring, and Boundless Love. He is a member of the Chinese Poetry Society, a resident poet of the Chinese Poetry Network, and a director of the China Financial Writers Association. Personal entries are included in the Dictionary of Chinese Poets in the 21st Century. 

Representative worksNow ThatEnglish and Chinese version 

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5.Xu ChunboChina


Bios: Xu Chunbo, Mongolian, Member of China Writers Association, President of Hangzhou Publishing Industry Association, has published his personal poetry collections including Half autumn, To a Place, and Quiet Cold. Now he resides and works in Hangzhou. 

Representative worksNatural LawEnglish and Chinese version 

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6.Ji HongChina


BiosJi Hong, pseudonym for Qi Kaihong, Yi nationality, Member of Chinese Writers Association, serves as Vice Chairman of Liangshan Writers Association, Executive Editor of Huili Literary Arts. He has published his personal poetry collections of Along a River, Selected Poems of Jihong, Shadow of the Earth, Nidierku Huili, Sun of the Baltic Sea, Half Mountain Village and Half Landscape. He once participated in the Chinese writers’ delegation to visit the three Baltic countries in 2011. 

Representative worksAs Wind blows English and Chinese version 

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7.Bing JieMacao, China


BiosBing Jie, famous songwriter, Executive Chief-editor of Macao Evening News, was born on December 8, 1973. His representative songs include Hymn to Happiness and Home for Chinese New Year. He has published his personal poetry collection titled as Still Look at the Present and Deep in the Years. 

Representative worksSince I Met YouEnglish and Chinese version 

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8.Подарева Анастасия Юрьевна(俄罗斯)


BiosПодарева Анастасия, китайское имя Тан Силань. Родилась в 1995 году в России, в г. Рязань. Молодая поэтесса,переводчик, художница;выпускница кафедры теории искусств Чжэцзянского Политехнического Университета. С 2018 по 2019 гг. занимала пост директора департамента культуры и искусств в Международной Студенческой Ассоциации при Чжэцзянском Политехническом Университете, а также должность ассистента-переводчика. С 2019 года является международным представителем в уезде Пуцзян, городского округа Цзиньхуа, провинции Чжэцзян. С 2020 года,амбассадор "SILK ROAD INTERNATIONAL POETS FEDERATION". В настоящее время проживает и работает в г.Шанхай.

    Хобби: игра на гитаре, пение, живопись, сценическое искусство, поэзия (написание и декламирование стихов на трёх языках), ведение концертов и тв-программ; С 2019 года выпустила 4 сборника стихов на китайском языке («Стихи Тан Силань», «Ночные грёзы»,«Аромат Орхидеи», «После золотого дождя») 

Representative worksПосле золотого дождя

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Judging Panel for the First International Bilingual Poetry Prize


1. Ye Yanbin (Former Director of Poetry Committee of Chinese Writers Association, former Chief-editor of Poetry Journal)

2. Qi Ren (General Planner of “The Long March of Poetry”, Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee)

3. Lu Jian (Professor, Communication University of China)

4. Gong Xuan (Famous poet, Chairman of Taicang Literary Federation)

5. Li Li (Deputy Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of The Long March of Poetry”, Executive Editor of Shenzhen Poetry Journal)

6. Zhou Zhanlin (Deputy Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of The Long March of Poetry”, Chief-editor of Chinese Poetry Website)


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